New Trends Of Wine Red Lips For 2013 Makeup

Lips that range from deep cherry to aubergine rocked the fall runways, and the best news is that this trend is extremely wearable. “Wine looks good on a variety of skin tones, making it one of the easiest colors to pull off,” says Creative Makeup Director for Fashion Fair Sam Fine. But makeup artist Kate Lee cautions against making sure you “don’t end up looking like The Cure’s Robert Smith” with a smudged, too-dark shade. How to get it right? “Experiment with different shades on the wine spectrum, then play with the intensity by blotting and layering,” says Lee.Whatever your skin tone and age, we’ll show you how to work your Merlot like you mean it.

Look of the Day photo | If you're in your 20s-30s:

“You’re young—throw caution to the wind!” says Lee. Most makeup artists agree that youthful, dewy skin makes wine lips look dramatic but not overly severe. “When you’re young, you can pull off a trendier style, likeCamilla Belle‘s super-dark wine lips. It’s a very bold look, so be sure to keep eyes clean-looking with just a nude shadow and mascara,” says makeup artist Rosie Johnston. To make the color look “worn-in and somewhat vintage, apply lipstick with your fingers and then blot—it will leave a perfectly stained lip,” says Fine.
Look of the Day photo | If you're in your 40s, 50s and up:


Halloween Jewelry Time: Halloween is Coming!

One of my favorite times of the year – Halloween time!  Coming soon?

Have you prepared your show??

Recently Katy Perry had her Vampire themed birthday party. Have you felt the coming of Halloween?

You now must prepared and what necessary is the Halloween jewelry.

Be a little devilish by wearing some hot looking Diablo earrings made with ceramic and crystal beads.

wolf teeth swarovski pendant 015266 1 Halloween Jewelry Time: Pick Your Perfect Jewelry For Halloween Dress

Wolf Teeth Crystal Pendant

black austrian crystal skull amp; crystal beads shamballa bracelet 12mm 10981 1 Halloween Jewelry Time: Pick Your Perfect Jewelry For Halloween Dress

Black Austrian Crystal Skull & Crystal Beads Shamballa Bracelet

Shamballa jewelry is the new trends of Hollywood. The DIY beads jewelry was made by several crystal beads and skull beads. You will be the attention in Halloween.

austrian crystal adventurous pirates skulls and swords flag pendant 11296 1 Halloween Jewelry Time: Pick Your Perfect Jewelry For Halloween Dress

Austrian Crystal Adventurous Pirates Skulls and Swords Flag Pendant

Then the earrings is also necessary for the Halloween custom.

austrian crystal adventurous pirates black pearl anchor pierced earrings 11291 1 Halloween Jewelry Time: Pick Your Perfect Jewelry For Halloween Dress

Austrian Crystal Adventurous Pirates Black Pearl Anchor Pierced Earrings

Are you ready to be a Pirate?

There are many other different Halloween jewelry you can choose.

austrian crystal eliot germany pendant 11439 1 Halloween Jewelry Time: Pick Your Perfect Jewelry For Halloween Dress

Austrian Crystal Eliot Germany Pendant

Different styles of Halloween jewelry and different types which you can match your Halloween custom.

Though Halloween is not a holiday we normally think about when it comes to jewelry, it is one of my favorite holidays because of the idea that you get to dress up and be somebody else for the day.

Several Different Celebrity Makeup We Can Learn

Megan Fox

Not so smoky makeup

For those intimidated by heavy smoky eyes, Megan Fox’s softer version delivers the same sultry effect. Line the inner rims with black or brown liner, then smudge along the top outer corners. Apply a wash of champagne across the lids and blend. Using the same shadow, line the lower lashes and place a dot at the inner corners to instantly brighten up eyes. Individual falsies placed at the outer corners finish the look, says makeup artist Susie Sobol.

Emma Watson


 Red lips are nothing new,” Sobol says. “But what makes Emma Watson’s look so modern is pairing them with pink cheeks.” To get the most natural, just-rolled-around-in-the-hay flush, swirl a pink blush, such as Nars Blush , below the apples, over the center of the cheeks, she says. Paint on a true red lip color with a lip brush.
Cat Eyes
Mila Kunis


Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson’s sparkle-flecked shadow might be sheer, but it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed.
To make the eyes appear even brighter, line the lower inner rims with a nude pencil. Plump up lashes with a few coats of volumizing mascara.


Celebrity Street Look: Keira Knightley Loves Her Hats

Keira Knightley street look

When Keira Knightley isn’t gracing a red carpet, she tends to dress down with a sprinkle of grunge. While walking with her boyfriend Rupert, she threw on hats. She loves wearing all types and colors of hats.

The white, brown, black and many different hats are the necessaries when Keira Knightley dressed in daily life.



Princess Kate Middleton Chic Dresses and Occasions

The Duchess of Cambridge leaves Clarence House to travel to Buckingham Palace for the evening celebrations following her wedding earlier.

The wife of U.S. President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama (R), talks to Britain’s Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace, in London May 24, 2011. President Barack Obama on Tuesday begins a visit to Britain where he and Prime Minister David Cameron will review NATO action to help end conflict in Libya and Western policy towards  uprisings in the Arab world.

Kate Middleton attends Harry Meade & Rosie Bradford’s wedding at the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Northleach, on October 23, 2010 in Cheltenham, England.

Prince William and Kate Middleton pose for photographs in the State Apartments of St James Palace on November 16, 2010 in London. After much speculation, Clarence House announced the engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton

Victoria Beckham Is Dazzling In Modern Proenza Schouler Cap Colorblock Pumps For New York’s Fashion Night Out

When mentioning the word “Fashion”, we have to refer to Victoria Beckham, the queen of the fashion world. For me, the most well-known accessory of her is the amazingly full collection of Hermes bags. However, shoes are equivalent to bags for her. This time, her bright orange outfit paired with a pair of Modern Proenza Schouler Cap Colorblock pumps shocked us again.


The lovely shinning orange dress makesVictoriabright and vernal, and the navy pumps by Proenza Schouler adds brilliance to her present splendor.


The pumps are of classic shape, but the covered toe and heel makes them outstanding. The body of the pumps is covered in navy fabric, and the toe in matte gray leather, while the back is covered in curves, all these make up a pair of modern shoes. And the design of the pumps is completed with a four inch silver heel.


The two cap pieces add curves and show off the shape of the pumps nicely. And the shoes are perfect to add style to a simple ensemble, just likeVictoria’s. This pumps is the one that can make you definitely stylish.


The Proenza Schouler shoes are of ultra style, and they are a wonderful pair to pick up for the Fall. Especially these cap colorblock ones, which are hot and wonderfully designed to attract the crowds’ attention.


Wanna try a look likeVictoria’s here with the pumps? Just wear the navy shoes with an orange dress paired with a clutch handbag. Wanna look stylish in your daily office life? Just pair this pumps with a top, coat, pencil skirt and a satchel handbag.

Katie Holmes to Become The New Face of Bobbi Brown Makeup

Katie Holmes’s marriage may be over, but her career seems to be majorly taking off.

Following her very public split from husband Tom Cruise, the newly single actress has nabbed a role on Broadway, co-written a romantic comedy about a single mother and her daughter, and charged full speed ahead with her fashion line, Holmes & Yang.

Now Katie is out to conquer the makeup world. According to Page Six, the actress just signed a huge deal to be the face of Bobbi Brown make-up, an Estee Lauder-owned cosmetics company.

Katie Holmes: Nude in The Gift

“The deal was signed on Tuesday,” a source told Page Six. “It’s a huge beauty contract for Katie, one that will make her the face of Bobbi Brown but also allow her to bring some of her own creativity to the company, like many of the celebrities who have worked with MAC. She will collaborate with Bobbi Brown, and appear in ads early next year.”

Added the insider, “Katie was in the office all day on Tuesday with Bobbi. She was walking around freely and wasn’t being secretive at all. She was incredibly friendly to everyone she chatted with. Everyone thought she was very, very nice.”

Lea Michele, the New Face Of L’Oreal Paris

Lea Michele has a very good reason to be gleeful this morning, as she’s just been confirmed as the newest face of L’Oreal Paris.

Lea will be joining the likes of Eva Longoria, Beyonce Knowles, Aishwarya Rai, Freida Pinto, Milla Jovovich, Doutzen Kroes, Fan Bingbing, Sonam Kapoor, Jennifer Lopez and Cheryl Cole who are all ambassadors of the brand.

The ‘Glee’ actress said via twitter, “I’m overjoyed and beyond honored to be a part of the L’Oréal Paris family.”

I’m equally overjoyed.

Just imagine how epic the Eva Longoria/Lea Michele red carpet diva face-off will be on the red carpet at Cannes 2013.

Bring it ladies.

The Emmy-nominated star, who began her career in musical theater in New York before heading to Hollywood for Glee, has since developed a signature red-carpet style (dramatic, girly-girl gowns, smoldering Zoolander-esque expression) and was recently announced as a spokesmodel for Candie’s.

Lea’s first print and television ads will launch in early 2013.

Michele told People. “I’m such a fan of L’Oréal Paris not just for all of their amazing products, but for what they stand for. I’m so thankful to be a part of a television show that promotes inner beauty and self-worth. Now to be a part of this amazing family that expresses the same amazing message is such an honor.”

I expect her new ad so much! Do you think that Lea will make a good spokeswoman for L’Oréal Paris?


Types of Skin: Do You Know What Skin Type You Have?

Oily, Acne-Prone Skin

Oily skin is shiny skin, especially in the T-zone (from the forehead, down the nose to the chin). To test if you have oily skin, press a paper napkin to your forehead. When you pull it away, it should be soaked in oils. While you may find this annoying, the good thing about oily skin is it ages better than dry skin.

Dry, Chapped Skin (Recipes Also Good for Mature Skin)

Dry skin feels tight, especially after cleansing. You have a tendency towards fine wrinkles, flaking and red patches. In women of color, skin may appear ashy or dull from dead skin buildup. These face masks, combined with regular exfoliation and daily use of moisturizersshould soothe dry, chapped skin.

Combination Skin

Most women (some experts say up to 70 percent, although how anyone arrived at that number is beyond me), have combination, or “normal” skin. Combination skin means you may have a slightly oily T-zone and drier cheeks with dry patchy spots here and there. This rose-based mask is perfect for balancing out the oily and dry areas of your skin.

Sensitive Skin

This soothing mask is great for chapped, sunburned or irritated skin.

Tips for Choosing Right Nail Polish Colors


Nails only take a little room of your body, but they are not small details that can be neglected. When they look rough, your peers, supervisors and others you encounter throughout the day will have a negative impression on you. Thus choose a right color for your nails is quite important.

Here are some tips of choosing right nail polish colors.

If your skin tone is very light, you can get away with lighter tones of nail polish color. Pink nail color goes well with fair skin. Blue undertones can also go with fair skin.
If you have a dark or olive skin tone, you can choose darker colors of nail polish, such as reds, blues and even black. Deep, rich vibrant nail polish colors do well in playing up your skin.

In addition to shin tone elements, you should also take occasions into consideration.

You will not want to change it every day if you’re wearing nail polish to work. Neutral nail colors or nude-tones are good choices for everyday wear.
Absolutely you will want to catch attention if you’re going to a party, prom or cocktail hour. This is the time for the special nail polishes. The gold nail color, the silvers and the bronzes and other bling-bling colors will assure you the star of parties.

Right nail polish colors can make an outfit pop or tie your whole look together. Well-groomed fingernails demonstrate your attention to hygiene and a heightened level of professionalism. Take a little time to decorate your nail and it will bring you unexpected surprises.