Tips for Choosing Right Nail Polish Colors


Nails only take a little room of your body, but they are not small details that can be neglected. When they look rough, your peers, supervisors and others you encounter throughout the day will have a negative impression on you. Thus choose a right color for your nails is quite important.

Here are some tips of choosing right nail polish colors.

If your skin tone is very light, you can get away with lighter tones of nail polish color. Pink nail color goes well with fair skin. Blue undertones can also go with fair skin.
If you have a dark or olive skin tone, you can choose darker colors of nail polish, such as reds, blues and even black. Deep, rich vibrant nail polish colors do well in playing up your skin.

In addition to shin tone elements, you should also take occasions into consideration.

You will not want to change it every day if you’re wearing nail polish to work. Neutral nail colors or nude-tones are good choices for everyday wear.
Absolutely you will want to catch attention if you’re going to a party, prom or cocktail hour. This is the time for the special nail polishes. The gold nail color, the silvers and the bronzes and other bling-bling colors will assure you the star of parties.

Right nail polish colors can make an outfit pop or tie your whole look together. Well-groomed fingernails demonstrate your attention to hygiene and a heightened level of professionalism. Take a little time to decorate your nail and it will bring you unexpected surprises.