Several Different Celebrity Makeup We Can Learn

Megan Fox

Not so smoky makeup

For those intimidated by heavy smoky eyes, Megan Fox’s softer version delivers the same sultry effect. Line the inner rims with black or brown liner, then smudge along the top outer corners. Apply a wash of champagne across the lids and blend. Using the same shadow, line the lower lashes and place a dot at the inner corners to instantly brighten up eyes. Individual falsies placed at the outer corners finish the look, says makeup artist Susie Sobol.

Emma Watson


 Red lips are nothing new,” Sobol says. “But what makes Emma Watson’s look so modern is pairing them with pink cheeks.” To get the most natural, just-rolled-around-in-the-hay flush, swirl a pink blush, such as Nars Blush , below the apples, over the center of the cheeks, she says. Paint on a true red lip color with a lip brush.
Cat Eyes
Mila Kunis


Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson’s sparkle-flecked shadow might be sheer, but it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed.
To make the eyes appear even brighter, line the lower inner rims with a nude pencil. Plump up lashes with a few coats of volumizing mascara.