New Trends Of Wine Red Lips For 2013 Makeup

Lips that range from deep cherry to aubergine rocked the fall runways, and the best news is that this trend is extremely wearable. “Wine looks good on a variety of skin tones, making it one of the easiest colors to pull off,” says Creative Makeup Director for Fashion Fair Sam Fine. But makeup artist Kate Lee cautions against making sure you “don’t end up looking like The Cure’s Robert Smith” with a smudged, too-dark shade. How to get it right? “Experiment with different shades on the wine spectrum, then play with the intensity by blotting and layering,” says Lee.Whatever your skin tone and age, we’ll show you how to work your Merlot like you mean it.

Look of the Day photo | If you're in your 20s-30s:

“You’re young—throw caution to the wind!” says Lee. Most makeup artists agree that youthful, dewy skin makes wine lips look dramatic but not overly severe. “When you’re young, you can pull off a trendier style, likeCamilla Belle‘s super-dark wine lips. It’s a very bold look, so be sure to keep eyes clean-looking with just a nude shadow and mascara,” says makeup artist Rosie Johnston. To make the color look “worn-in and somewhat vintage, apply lipstick with your fingers and then blot—it will leave a perfectly stained lip,” says Fine.
Look of the Day photo | If you're in your 40s, 50s and up: